GAME JAM #4 – The Company’s Game

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…Playing as you Work…



– Everyone is on the same Base Salary.

– Monthly Salary comes with set number of Credits.
– Credits buy Perks.
– Can only get a limited number of ‘Extra’ credits per month… Stops craziness.

– Everyone starts at Lv 0 = 0 XP
– Lv. 1 = 120 XP / Lv. 2 = 240 XP / Lv. 3 = 360 / etc.
– Every year everyone levels up.

– Can only buy Perks in your level or below.
– Higher levels unlock higher level perks and make lower level perks cheaper.


Level – Perk

1 - Late slip
  - 2nd Monitor

2 - Doctors note
  - 2H Lunch
  - Steam Game
  - Pay boost 1

3 - Training course 1
  - XP (to level up faster)
  - VITO!
  - PC Upgrade
  - Week holiday asap!
  - PC Upgrade 1
  - Pay boost 2

4 - Game share
  - Trade XP <--> Credits
  - Shift work hours
  - Training course 2
  - Trade show ticket... all in.
  - PC Upgrade 2
  - Pay boost 3

5 - Pay boost 4
  - PC Upgrade 3
  - Lead Designer for a project

6 - Company Equity


Achievements are the other way to get Credits.

Early Bird           - Arrive at the office before 8:30am.
Facist               - 3 Facebook shout outs.
Tweety Boy           - 10 Tweets.
Read all About It    - Get company publicity.
Crossover Hero       - Solve a problem that a coworker from another 
                       development has.
Blog Hero            - Write a blog post.
Stick it Out         - Stay in the office until 7pm.
We Are Beatnik!      - Do something truly selfless for the company.
Deadly Forumite      - Drum up some forum activity.
Beatnik Legend       - Amass 50 hours of overtime.

Tea Boy              - Make a cup of something for each of your 
Leave No Man Behind  - Open the FOB Entrance for a co-worker stranded 
Buddy Time           - Buy a round of drinks for your co-workers.
Warm and Fluffy      - Bake something for your coworkers.
Good Man             - Teach a coworker some new lasting techniques.
Funny Guy            - Make a coworker laugh so much he hurts 
Secure Seating       - Get the building staff to bring you a new 
                       office chair.
Risky Business       - Have a meal at the Windmill.
Desperado            - Take a dump at the Windmill.
Bring the RAGE       - Make a coworker Rage quit.
Security Alert       - Have an argument with someone at the front desk.
Take the piss        - Get the building staff to visit the office 
                       5 times in the same day.
You've popped Out    - Wear shorts to the office for a week.
Ladie’s Man          - Go on a date with someone in the office block.
Loyal to the Cause   - Turn down an opportunity to be headhunted.


When a conflict arises ?

Conflicts are resolved by MD. If no clear decision can be made, a 3rd Party Chairman will be used. If still no decision is clear, rock paper scissors.


  1. Hi,
    This is quite interesting. Is this actually how you work or is it just a fun ide?

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    • Not at the moment… but we do hope to implement it sometime..

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  2. Sweet. I hope you will succeed with that.. Personally I like that kind of things and would at some point love to help develop some kind of game based system to improve productivity, and work environment……and making it fun to work! :).

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